Quality tradition

Manufacturers from the famous Monza and renowned Borsalino celebrated the hat and have been dictating fashion trends of Europe and the world. Throughout Europe there begin to spring up textile production units for the production of hats. In Serbia, in 1919, the Dragan brothers moved their father’s workshop from Melenci to Zrenjanin. Next year, The Dragan Brothers Hat Factory started working. Initially, they only produced male and female hats, and in 1925 they expanded their factory and started to produce hat bodies for hats.

By the end of the thirties,The Dragan Brothers Hat Factory had 300 employees, with the hat body production capacity that exceeded their own needs in hat making. Therefore, they began placing the hat bodies to other hat manufacturers of in the local market, but they also exported throughout Europe. With their quality, hat bodies of The Dragan Brothers Hat Factory are recognized in the European market and are an essential semifinished article in the production process of many small and big hat manufacturers.  After the Second World War, the Factory repeatedly changed both its owners and its name. Since 1963, it operates under the name of Begej Hat Factory. 

Today we produce Begej wool felt hat bodies with a mark of tradition, with the experience and knowledge of long-term employees, innovations of young management and continuous technological developments. We are ready to respond to either standard or specific requirements to the satisfaction of a wide range of customers. Begej wool felt hat body is manufactured from the best kinds of wool and kemling of the highest quality, in order to create the finest woolen hats.