Begej wool felt hat body

European customers recognize our wool felt hat body by touch and there is a reason for that being so. The quality of Begej hat body has been the standard for almost a century. Ever since the factory began placing hat bodies in the early twentieth century until today, our goal has remained the same: to produce high quality hat body that will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Our customers produce hats for men and women around the world who want premium quality and there can be no compromise with that.

The path from The Golden Fleece, i.e. wool and kemling of the best quality to the finest woolen hat goes through our production, which is organized by the most modern principles, to the golden hands of a designer who will give the final stamp to a perfect hat by putting a feather, ribbon, or a lump of strass.

The wool we use is of superior quality, originating from South Africa, and kemling from Australia. As an environmentally committed company, responsible for nature and the environment, we use in our production the wool that has already been carbonized, as well as natural dyes. We dye hat bodies in series production or, by your request, with special colors of famous Swiss and American manufacturers. The diligent hands of our experienced craftsmen work on hat bodies in fine finish and bring them to perfection.

We produce the Begej wool felt hat bodies in the conical form, in various sizes, weights and colors, and specific organization of production also enables making them at the requests, needs and desires of our customers. By all means, the Begej wool felt hat body is of premium quality, manufactured to the highest standards and expectations of customers and has been the tradition for nearly a century.